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Watch Sign Up

If you're interested in joining the Watch, fill out the below form and I'll review it. Based on your answers, I'll determine whether or not I can accept you.

Even if I approve your application, I still require one actual meeting with you.

[ooc: Feel free to comment with the answered questions. All actual encounters with Kresnik can be handwaved if you like]

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Chipped or Unchipped:
Notable Abilities:
Reason why you want to join the Watch:

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The frequency is the four digit number on your communicator and the chip is a small device that the scientists placed inside you that prohibits all extraordinary abilities.


Are you willing to put yourself in danger for others?

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What are your fighting capabilities?

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Name: Tomoe, Mami
Frequency: [ profile] guncurtsies
Chipped or Unchipped: Chipped
Notable Abilities: I am a Puella Magi that uses rifles to fight.
Reason why you want to join the Watch: To keep the city safe. [and to protect Madoka but you don't need to know that]

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Do you have any weapon to use as of now?

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No, I don't, unfortunately.

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[He thinks this over, wondering if he should allow this or not]

Can you explain what a Puella Magi is?

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Name: Hattori Heiji
Frequency: [ profile] westdetective
Chipped or Unchipped: Chipped
Notable Abilities: Skilled in kendo
Reason why you want to join the Watch: To help others, and figure this mess out.

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Kendo? Do you have a sword or a weapon similar to that as of now?

Notif...I didn't get one. =x=

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Actually I don't.

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Name: Mia Fey
Frequency: [ profile] turneverystone
Chipped or Unchipped: Chipped, but it doesn't matter
Notable Abilities: I was one of the best attorneys in Los Angeles.
Reason why you want to join the Watch: I'm not a fighter, but I can protect myself and you've lost all of my friends most of the investigative force. When a situation where investigation is required arises I can assure you I will be a valuable asset.

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You specialize in mainly investigations then?

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I was best at what came after investigations, but for your purposes, yes.


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Name: Anna Lemouri
Frequency: [ profile] centiflora_x
Chipped or Unchipped: Unchipped
Notable Abilities: I believe you're aware of what I'm capable of by now.
Reason why you want to join the Watch: I am interested in helping to patrol the city. [because it's not like she doesn't already have enough to do...]

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Alright, Anna. [He pretty much accepts her application. He's known her for a while now. Anyways, he gives her the frequencies of the other Watch members.]

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Name: Iji Kataiser
Frequency: [ profile] ijianomaly
Chipped or Unchipped: Unchipped
Notable Abilities: Strength, a nanofield that protects me, and a shotgun, but I'm the only one that can use it.
Reason why you want to join the Watch: Protect people, catch bad guys, prevent murders, stuff like that.

I was on the Horton Watch before, and I work at the soup kitchen, if you want any references.

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[He's interested in the nanofield]

Can you explain your nanofield?

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A bunch of microscopic robots that surround me. They let me interact with other nanotechnology.

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Name: Batman
Frequency: [ profile] bat_schway 140.15
Chipped or Unchipped: Chipped
Notable Abilities: Flight, martial arts, increased strength thanks to batsuit
Reason why you want to join the Watch: I want to help lookout for people.

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As long as I need to. Probably not a great idea to maintain flight for 24 hours, though. I'm only human.

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Name: Sadiq Adnan
Frequency: [ profile] masking
Chipped or Unchipped: Chipped
Notable Abilities: Fighting
Reason why you want to join the Watch: Because I want to defend people

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Can you specifically describe your fighting abilities?

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Ya mean my experience, style, or...?

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