nameofexorcist: (Way)
Kresnik Ahtreide ([personal profile] nameofexorcist) wrote2011-09-18 09:39 pm

43rd Detonator [Audio/ Action for anyone in Dissimulo]; backdated to Saturday evening

[He's heard about people seeing the corpses of people they know. Fortunately for him, the commander has only seen bodies of strangers so far. Well, until now at least.

On a road in Dissimulo, Kresnik is kneeling down by the body of his captain, his expression solemn as he examines the damage. It seems that he's been crushed by something heavy... and there's gun, sword, and various burn injuries on him. Kresnik is quiet for a while, but he eventually turns his communicator on]

I've searched around Dissimulo, it seems that these corpses are only of people that weren't here before. If you have encountered otherwise, inform me immediately.

[He's silent for a while, staring at the corpse still. Then quietly, almost inaudibly, he speaks again.] ...Is this how it ends.

[And he cuts the feed.]

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