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Kresnik Ahtreide ([personal profile] nameofexorcist) wrote2011-10-31 05:39 pm

45th Detonator [Video/Action for Dissimulo]

[The video shows a dead Feral lying on a table before the feed shifts to Kresnik, who is looking a little crazy today, especially with his hair in disarray. He's wearing a traditional white lab coat with a white collar shirt, black tie, and brown slacks.]

The other scientists have powerful technology under their hands... but they waste it with nonsensical things. I don't have the time or interest to figure out why they switched everyone's clothes. [He walks away from the feed and people might recognize that he's in Dissimulo's Drug Store right now. There's a few seconds of shuffling noises before the head of another Feral is tossed to the table.]

For one, they don't bother to look into the full potential and uses of each monster... or the possibility of combining one with the other. Just a little more experimentation and my theory will come through... they'll be upgraded from their normal weak form.

...Or another thought, experimenting on the people here so that their potential can be released. The other scientists don't do anything to improve their capabilities.

[He looks directly at the communicator and for a brief moment, he looks like he's trying to resist something. However, that disappears as he spreads his arms, which have the Feral's blood on them, and a weird smile appears on his face.]


[He immediately returns to his neutral expression and turns off the feed.]

[ooc: Feel free to barge in to the drug store.]

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