nameofexorcist: (Hex Battle)
Kresnik Ahtreide ([personal profile] nameofexorcist) wrote2011-11-09 07:58 pm

46th Detonator [Audio]

[He's outside, sitting in front of the home that he shares with Yulie.] Japan, Heiji, and Gadget of the Watch have been sent home. [...] Their communicator frequencies are gone.

[Even though he sounds calm, he's actually a little upset. Japan was one of the few people that he actually trusted here... and Heiji was a good detective and has been in the Watch for a while. He was going to discuss a few things with them, but now that's not going to happen.]

This places us at seven members. Until more people join, all normal patrol hours will be extended.


...Hm, it's been almost two years now. The overall atmosphere of Fortuna has changed since my initial arrival. [He's mostly just referring to the fact that there are now three habitable cities to live in now]

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