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48th Detonator [Video]; backdated to Monday afternoon

[Have a Kresnik staring at the video with a serious expression. Nothing new here... although you might be able to see Squall and dragon!Takato in the background.]

The pills still work even after the person is fully transformed. [...] Their bodies remain like this, but their minds return to normal. [Unlike the Wild ARMs in his world. He isn't sure how to make their bodies return to normal... but giving them their mental facilities back is a step.]

Watch... or anyone at all, find the spare pills and report to me which people have been transformed. The pills are most likely in their apartments still.

As of now, most of the monsters are in Discedo. [It should go without saying, but...] If you haven't taken the pills yet, take them.


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[Despite the fact they just had a fight with and shoved pills down the throat of a dragon, Squall looks pretty unruffled. Things are weird as ever around here... He isn't too worried though he made Shanks take his the other day. So everything is- ... ... ...Wait.]

...Have you talked to Anya since everyone received the pills?

[And that's not even mentioning Romana........ lulz crap. HE IS THE SLOWEST]


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[He looks over to him, it's normal to have a conversation with a dragon in the room...]

I haven't.
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We couldn't find Japan's. We need an extra. Do you have any?


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[Great, so Japan is not himself either...]

I don't. Were you able to restrain him at least?
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Sort of... Luffy knocked him into stillness. And I can... keep him in check. [HE CAN'T AS MUCH AS HE SAYS. But he can mostly. He definitely doesn't want anyone hurting Japan though.]

We tried to find the one from the apartment, but if I turn my back he gets in lake fights where I can't go or he levels buildings.


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I'll look around the area of Japan's apartment. [Including the hallways and outside.]
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[video] 1/2

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Thank you!
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[video] 2/2

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Don't check the bedroom. It's just not there. And there's weird stuff hidden there...

Okay! Thanks Watch Captain! [See his gratitude? Titles and everything man...]


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[He's a little surprised by how grateful Marco is, but Japan and him trust each other with their lives. Although he still doesn't know that they are together.]

I'll thoroughly check the rest of the apartment then. [Do you want Kresnik to find the pills or do you guys have something else planned?]
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[Even after Marco told him he was stealing Japan?! Oh Kresnik ilu]

Thanks, eh. [He can find it and give it to Marco! Japan says he'll basically try to eat people, but Marco can force it down his throat.]


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[LMAO he just thought that was Marco's way of saying "I need Japan's help for something."]

... [He nods and turns off the communicator. Do you want me to post in Japan's thread?]
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[LOL Sure. Why not?

AND YES PLEASE! Over here.]


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[Should I threadjack into the Luffy/Marco/Japan one or start a new thread?]
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[Whichever you like best!]

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So that's what happens if you give one of the transformed a pill. I have yet to be able to manage that.

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I've managed to find a few left by fellow residents of the hospital. I hope you don't mind if I keep them for my own use. I merely wish to gather data on the creatures and document the pills affect for future reference.

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[She has a point, but still...]

...If I'm unable to locate any extra pills, your spares will be needed.

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We will see.


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Good to know. Thanks.

We gathered a few pills here or there, but we're gonna use'em on whoever we can. I couldn't tell you who these people are though. Sorry.


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It's fine, as long as you can successfully give them the pills.


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We'll do what we can. But I'm not making any promises.

I'm not even sure what used to be human.

We sure this shit's gonna wear off? Or are these people stuck like that?


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If it's a monster you've never seen here before, it's one of the mutations.

[...] Usually, people revert to normal, though the effects can last from a couple of days to a week.


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Well, I've only been here a little over a week and most of the things I've run into here are new to me. But a lot of the things I'm seeing now I'm REALLY familiar with.

Any other advice ya got for telling who's who?


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[Hm, a new person and he's already trying to help out like this? He's somewhat impressed.]

As a last resort, you can take a picture of the monsters and send it to me. I'll be able to tell if it was formally a person.


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[Raising his brows at that idea. Oh. Hey why didn't he think of that? He's eying his device a little.]

Sure. I'll keep that in mind and have my brother send you shots. [If they get time to snap'em that is.]

So has this happened to you guys before?

[Voice] derp, meant formerly instead of formally

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People have been affected by various things before, but not full on mutation.


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[Feel free to assume that through the next few days he does send you a few things to confirm.]

Sounds like fun. Guess it can't be something they've infected you with over time. [Cause if that were true than the new arrivals wouldn't have been affected.]

But it does sound like they've been testing things out on you guys. Maybe this is the final stage?


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[Sounds good to me!]

No, usually these incidents happen without warning.

[...] I doubt this is the last experiment that they'll perform on us.

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...Commander, are you all right? I-I just took the pill yesterday...

[If this doesn't confirm for her that it was the right decision, nothing will.

...Is that a dragon in the background? Wow, Ran looks just a little bit concerned--

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Squall and I were able to give the pills to Takato. What's your current status?

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I'm still in Dissimulo.

I had to convince Heiji to take the pill as at the very least, it looks like we'll be able to keep things under control here.

[There is a pause, and she looks a relieved as she breathes a sigh.]

...Have you heard back from anyone else?

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No, you're the first member to contact me. [He hopes that not everyone else is transformed... and is just busy trying to help.]

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Ah-- [Goodness. To be honest, she'd say that's not exactly a good thing, light of trying to stay positive, she shakes it off.] I see... that case, if I run into anyone else, I'll tell them to check in.

[At the very least, so it'd be easier for him to keep track what's going on with the Watch members.]

...Are you certain the situation's under control there?

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[He appreciates her effort.]

Yes, Takato has calmed down. There are still more monsters in Discedo, however.

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[...Right. She probably shouldn't keep him too long, huh? He's got work to do, too. But regardless, she's kind of worried.]

Don't...don't be afraid to let us know, if you need back-up.

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[Right, trusting in your allies...] The same goes for you as well.

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[Her expression just a bit surprised, as if she forgot that it worked both ways. But she nods.]

Right. Thank you; and I'll be in touch.

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[He nods before cutting the feed.]