nameofexorcist: (Stare)
Kresnik Ahtreide ([personal profile] nameofexorcist) wrote2011-12-13 02:31 pm

48th Detonator [Video]; backdated to Monday afternoon

[Have a Kresnik staring at the video with a serious expression. Nothing new here... although you might be able to see Squall and dragon!Takato in the background.]

The pills still work even after the person is fully transformed. [...] Their bodies remain like this, but their minds return to normal. [Unlike the Wild ARMs in his world. He isn't sure how to make their bodies return to normal... but giving them their mental facilities back is a step.]

Watch... or anyone at all, find the spare pills and report to me which people have been transformed. The pills are most likely in their apartments still.

As of now, most of the monsters are in Discedo. [It should go without saying, but...] If you haven't taken the pills yet, take them.

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