nameofexorcist: (Giving you a look)
Kresnik Ahtreide ([personal profile] nameofexorcist) wrote2011-12-20 03:23 am

49th Detonator [Audio]

Supplies may be limited during winter, so prepare accordingly.

...If anyone is interested in restarting the Discedo soup kitchen again, contact me.

After speaking with Japan and Heiji, I've decided to assign them to Discedo and Spero respectively. Both individuals will be responsible for keeping track of the cities and the people in them. For future incidents, report to the correct individual based on the city you're in. However, if it's necessary, inform me as well.

I will be keeping watch on Dissimulo.

Squall, I have news regarding the walled city you were intending to explore.

Sora. [And that's all he says right now... until she answers him back.]

...The stuffed animal is completed for you. I can deliver it soon.

[After he's done on the communicator, Kresnik picks up the lion plush and goes to look for Yulie in their house.]

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