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OOC Information
Player Name: Sara
Player Age: 23
Player Contact: AIM/plurk: currykirby
Player/Character HMD: Here
Other characters in game: Steve Rogers

IC Information
Character Name: Kresnik Ahtreide
Character Canon: Wild ARMs 4 | Original Universe
Character Age/Gender: 24/male
Canon Point: On his way to the Illsveil Prison
Character Canon History:
Kresnik is a Gene Driver, a person that is able to wield ARMs. However, the soldier only got that power through extreme experimentation. Since he lost his parents at a relatively young age, Kresnik and his sister, Yulie, were transferred to the White Orphanage, which is actually a facility where the Congressional Knights used children as experiments to make future Gene Drivers. Since the “hero” of the Global Union was a gene driver and the only known one in existence, the scientists hoped to mass produce “heroes” to copy his ability to wield ARMs. Most of the kids mutated or died, but Kresnik and his sister were able to survive. Even though he did survive, Kresnik was still considered a failure (since he couldn’t properly form an ARM) and was named WG919F. His sister was a moderate success and became known as WG920B+. After some time though, Kresnik saw that nothing was being accomplished in this orphanage, so he willingly left with the soldiers when they came to pick up a test subject. Before he left, he promised Yulie that he’ll make the world better and protect her in the future.

After going through some training as a Brionac officer, he was eventually named “Pale Rider” and the lance that enforces Captain Lambda’s ideals, all by the age of 24. Brionac is an elite group of soldiers who are dedicated in bringing democracy to the wasteland known as Filgaia. Despite being a defective gene driver, the Brionac officer, Augst, was able to make a drug called LiNKER for him. This drug allowed Kresnik to form one specific prototype ARM, named Howling Spike or XERD_001HS. With his ARM, he fought for his conviction over time...until the order to capture his sister was given by his captain.

Despite being ordered to capture Yulie, Kresnik still followed his captain’s commands since he believed it was all for the future peace of Filgaia. He made sure that the mission was carried out as intended with no deviation from the goal. On one such occasion, Kresnik stood up against another officer in Brionac since he threatened to kill Yulie, although the main objective was to bring her in unharmed. Eventually, Kresnik meets up with Yulie again and asks her to come with him, stating that Filgaia needs her. But before she went with him, Jude Maverick stood up against Kresnik and they battled against each other, resulting in Kresnik losing. Despite losing the fight, he pleaded with Yulie to still come with him, but she declined, stating that she “didn’t want to go with him.” That statement was a huge blow to him.

Later on after his sister was captured by Gawn, Kresnik found out why Yulie was needed by the High Council (the council that orders Captain Lambda around and requested the capture for Yulie Ahtreide in the first place). Their goal was to use her as a puppet (by severing her frontal lobes) to control the Divine Weapon (the ultimate ARM) so that they can be immortal while ruling Filgaia. Finding this out, Kresnik went against his organization and joined Jude and his group to free his sister. After they freed Yulie, Kresnik went back to Lambda to report his treason as a Brionac officer. However, when he finally finds his captain again, he saw the dead bodies of the High Council in the room with Lambda holding his whip, ready to kill the last member. He heard the conversation between the two men, with the remaining High Council member stating that the people are too weak for a representative democracy to work, and why strong people like him are needed to rule over Filgaia. Disgusted, Lambda kills him and declares “that if the people are too weak, I just have to make them stronger.” Feeling his beliefs shaken by this incident, Kresnik became doubtful of his organization. That detail combined with the fact that he couldn’t properly form his ARM anymore made him lose sight of his conviction and become unresponsive.

While a doctor in Port Rosalia took care of him, Lieutenant Jeremy started attacking the town with his new found mutated powers. Jude and his group asked Kresnik for help, but he didn’t budge or react all that much to the situation. It was only through Yulie’s words and her hug that he snapped out of his phase and stated that “protecting his sister and those who can’t wield an ARM” is his conviction that he brings to the world. He hurried to where Jeremy was attacking the others and was able to form his ARM again, even without the help of his LiNKER drug, to free them from their cage. Once Jeremy was finally defeated, Kresnik suggested to the group to reach the isolated prison through the air before leaving them, stating that he “can’t follow the same path as them.”

Despite those words, Kresnik came back to aid the group in order to stop Lambda from activating the Divine Weapon.

Character Personality:

Typically, Kresnik is a serious and calm commander who takes his duty as an officer very critically. He always follows orders, no matter what the cost, in order to preserve a future for his world. As a soldier, he rarely lets his emotions influence his decisions, making him seem rather detached and almost cold most of the time. In fact, a couple of his fellow officers even say that he takes everything way too seriously.

He’s generally respectful to strangers, though he is a bit distant when addressing people, usually keeping his interactions short. That’s not to say that he doesn’t care about others. When someone needs assistance, Kresnik is usually willing to offer his help, which stems from his desire to protect others.

He believes in Brionac's goal of bringing democracy and Kresnik is willing to lay down his life for that cause. He is known to be the most honorable, but no-nonsense officer of the entire organization. In fact, he is called the “lance” that reinforces Brionac’s and Captain Lambda’s ideas and someone who rarely lets his guard down.

Kresnik can be incredibly stubborn and it is difficult for someone to change his mind. However, he is rather willing to work with people, even if he dislikes them, if it increases the chance of success. Quite often, he is grateful for any help when he requests it. This is shown when he thanks Jude and the others for their help when trying to rescue his sister.

Since he lost his parents, Yulie is his only remaining family left. She is his motivation in striving forward through all the hardships he went through as an experimental subject and as a soldier. His younger sister is the main reason why he wants to better Filgaia, because he wants to ensure a future for her. Because of this, she is also one of his main weaknesses. He will do anything to make sure she is safe, even if it means going against his military organization or losing everything. Kresnik’s emotions tend to get the better of him when his sister is involved, causing him to have outbursts and be irrational. In one instance, he yelled at his captain when Yulie’s safety was in danger.

Despite being experimented on when he was rather young, it is not the experiments and pain that cause him to be depressed, but the fact that he is a defective gene driver (someone that can use ARMs) and must use drugs in order to use his ARM without experiencing any pain. Kresnik is angry at himself for not being able to use it effectively. This causes him to be jealous of Jude Maverick, a natural born and perfect gene driver. Regardless, he wants to keep the promise that he made to Yulie in the orphanage: protecting her and everyone in Filgaia. Without a conviction for him to fight for, Kresnik stops believing in himself and tends to just remember his time at the orphanage, a place where he was helpless and unable to stop the scientists from experimenting on his sister.

Even though Kresnik later realizes that Yulie is strong, he still wants to protect her whenever possible. He can trust Yulie to walk her own path now, but he still views her as his little sister that he doesn't want to let down. This shows that he has some level of dependence on her, despite trying to be the strong older brother. Either that, or he is just overprotective and worries too much.

Kresnik claims that he uses his ARM to protect those who cannot use one. Despite his conviction to use his ARM to protect others, he cannot shake the thought that he is still a defect, calling himself one even at a late point in the game. He constantly compares himself to Jude, who doesn’t even tire even after using his ARM for long periods of time. As he watches Jude wield his ARM with great expertise, he begins to doubt his own abilities again while he endures the Resistance Impulse (which is a backlash that all incompatible ARM wielders feel). He’s uncertain if he can really “leap into the future” and make a big change, since Jude has done so many things that he couldn’t do, despite the boy only being 13 years old. His pride was hurt when he initially lost a fight to him, especially since Jude has only wielded his ARM for a month or so while Kresnik has trained for years with his.

Kresnik prefers being honest with his answers, though he may make a few exceptions depending on the person, usually if they’re young girls. Because of his sister complex, he is generally friendlier to them. Despite his honestly with his answers, he doesn’t go out of his way to insult people either, usually keeping those thoughts to himself. Around Lieutenant Jeremy, he only chides the officer for disobeying orders and doesn’t directly insult him. Although he won’t insult others, Kresnik isn’t above cutting people off, which is shown when Arnaud started to describe his infiltration plan and the soldier interrupted his sentence by suggesting his own idea.

Overall, behind his seriousness and sometimes anti-social behavior, Kresnik is a doubtful man who is unsure about his own usefulness to others, since he feels that he cannot fully protect Yulie. He has low self-esteem, due to being called a defect in the orphanage and having his captain call everyone in Brionac “tools” to be used for Filgaia’s future. However, he truly wants Filgaia to become better, even though he might not be able to see it happen. In that instance, Kresnik can be very selfless.

AU Information: n/a
Character Abilities:
Kresnik has nanomachines in his body due to his ARM. He carries a dagger around, but Kresnik only uses it as a last resort. His physical strength is above average, since he was able to knock back a rather large robot walker with his bare fist.

Magic-wise, Kresnik has a healing skill and a support ability that increases his or an ally’s speed and magical/physical defense. He also has a Force Ability known as Lock-On that allows him to hit a target with 100% accuracy and 25% more damage.

Kresnik’s ARM, which stands for Ambient Reorganization Material, is also known as Howling Spike and is the prototype of all the other ARMs. He can form it from ‘thin air’ because it is made of nanomachines. His ARM is known for its Apoptosis ability and acts like a normal gun, except with unlimited ammo (He still needs to reload though). Additionally, he will feel pain whenever he forms his ARM due to his incompatibility with it and Kresnik has the possibility of mutating with it if he uses it for too long.

Character Inventory: Just his clothes, a dagger, a music box, and his ARM.

Samples: Interaction Thread

Jude and the others were probably at the prison by now; those children had accomplished a lot in just a matter of weeks. Even Kresnik could see and admit that. But he had already told them that he couldn't walk the exact path as them, he wasn't a child and he was still a Brionac officer. It wasn't an option, even if he wanted it to be.

Still, he couldn't let Captain Lambda continue on with his plan. Nothing good could result from the Divine Weapon's activation now. He still had his own doubts about himself, but he had to stop that ARM from being used. Filgaia's future was at stake and he needed to preserve that for everyone. It was a goal that was similar to Jude's, Kresnik could acknowledge that, but he just needed to reach that goal in a different way than him.

He walked over to his motorcycle and looked over to the direction where the prison was at. He wasn't sure about his own future, but he could stop his captain at least. Kresnik wanted to protect his sister still as well, even if she was strong with her own friends now. Plus, he needed to give this music box to her, he won't disappear until it was safely in her hands.

His ARM might eventually devour him in the battle up ahead, but what mattered most is Filgaia's future and Yulie's safety. If those two goals were met, Kresnik was not going to have any regrets.

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