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Kresnik's Discedo Reports

Kresnik here will start writing reports on various events in Discedo. Not all of them will be completely accurate since everything is from his own observations and interrogations, but he's doing this to be commander like. Or something. Yeah.

These all are written in his voice. So if something sounds un-Kresnik like, please inform me. All reports are accessible by the people of Discedo.

Reporter: Commander Kresnik Ahtreide

Location: DISCEDO

Report time: February 5th. Subject of report: Disappearance of individuals and area of “darkness.”
Kidnapped individuals: Eald, Flandre, Raphael, Marta, Megumi, Kirika, Ezio, Sweden, Cecil, Denmark, Sho, America, Namine, Thomas Knowlton, and Shinji.

On January 23rd, several individuals from Discedo suddenly vanished without warning. Their communicators were left behind in the city and according to an account by Jacqueline, one was covered in blood despite no signs of actual kidnapping. It’s possible that the other communicators had blood on them as well.

While they were gone, the residents here heard various voices, ranging from the Hollisland soldiers to people that have already been sent back to their original worlds. This incident may or may not be connected to the missing individuals; I haven’t gathered enough information to make a clear assumption.

On Wednesday morning, others including myself felt their vision turn completely black for a few seconds. Red and black filled our sight for a moment before ultimately clearing. In addition, everyone who disappeared returned on this day, covered in blood. I spoke with a few of these individuals in order to gather more information on the subject.

The basic features of the place that they were sent to were described as “dark and bloody.” It was spacious as well, as none of the kidnapped people could feel any type of walls. They were unable to see anything either, though a few described that the ground was covered in blood as well. However, there was no mention of a ceiling or sky.

Although no one was able to see anything, they could still speak and hear one another. Despite this, Marta remarked that she was unable to touch anyone regardless how close she was to them. However, Flandre stated that she felt someone trip over her, but admits to being rather uncertain about this occurrence.

In addition, Flandre said that she heard screaming in the background, but they were not from the other kidnapped people… they were from something else. Even with her chip removed, she reported to being unable to fly and none of her other abilities were functioning correctly. This negation of her skills is similar to the chip that’s initially placed inside all of our bodies. However, I cannot confirm if there’s a connection between this “darkness” and the chip.

Denmark mentioned a large animal sound that he heard while in this darkness. However, no further description about it can be provided. Similar to the others, this “animal” never touched anyone despite being “close.”

Most likely, this area is not anywhere in Discedo, but a separate place existing in Fortuna or an entirely different location that’s not on the same planet. The most likely suspects are the scientists, since they are able to bring people here and send them away without warning.

It’s still unclear if those who were kidnapped have some sort of connection to each other. I’ll attempt to look further into this, but it’s possible that this was all randomized.

There’s one final important feature to note about this darkened area. Despite being gone for almost three days, Marta stated that she never became hungry or thirsty while in the darkness. I haven’t heard of a place that’s able to completely remove hunger and thirst like this…

In conclusion, I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact causes of this incident. Perhaps more information will reveal itself over time. When that occurs, I will update this report when needed.

Report time: February 14th. Subject of report: Lines that could slice through various items.

On February 11th, strange lines started to appear before various people’s eyes. When these lines were pressed, the object or person that they were covering became sliced through. Needless to say, this has the potential to become dangerous rather quickly. The next day, dots started to appear on these lines as well. However, I’m uncertain what they entailed, since I didn’t press them.

As of now, all of these lines have disappeared. The most likely cause is someone’s powers temporarily going out of control.

Report time: March 8th. Subject of report: Random Electrocution + Mood Swings + Fish/Sharks made of text + grey space

On February 24th, several individuals were suddenly being shocked at approximately two hour intervals. According to Alpha, those that were being electrocuted still had a chip inside their body. This seems to be the case, since others including myself did not feel these shocks and the chip is absent from us.

On February 25th, people at large started to display various mood swings, ranging from depression to abnormal enthusiasm. Similar to the shocks that occurred the day before, these mood swings only affected those with chips. Though this doesn’t occur often, there been cases in the past where the chips caused paranoia and several other side effects.

Thomas Knowlton made a post on the 26th stating that the chips have malfunctioned. He claimed that he had a “patch” ready to fix the problem and just needed to restart the computer. Before that occurred though, a tank was suddenly broken and the feed cut out before further details were given. I’m not certain what this tank contained, but it may be related to the fish that appeared later on.

Not too long after Knowlton’s post was made, I suddenly blacked out without any warning. I woke up unharmed and apparently everyone in Discedo experienced this, whether or not the person was chipped. If there’s an inconsistency with this, inform me.

On February 27th, abnormal… fish started drifting around the city. These fish were entirely made up of words, but I was unable to get a clear look to make any sense of them. They caused various side effects when touched and according to the… Discedo News Report, the different types were:

Clownfish: Fed off negative emotions.
Flying fish: No unusual effect besides bumping into people.
Piranhas: Ate memories.
Lamprey: Illness
Electric eel: Electrocution
Stingway: Left a “rainbow” behind.
Shark: Eats the mind.
Jellyfish: Not reported by the news channel, but several people apparently saw one. Seifer states that it caused unconsciousness.

Unlike the days before, only people that were unchipped saw these fish monsters. Along with the arrival of these fish, it became difficult for me and other individuals to read text.

Later, Knowlton created another post with instructions on how to remove these fish from Discedo. My knowledge about this is mostly unclear, besides activating six towers that somehow had the correct power to complete the overall objective. Either way, it seemed to have work since all the fish are now currently gone.

March 2nd, I was attacked by two sharks, similar to the fish that were completely composed of words. …Each attack felt like a part of my mind was being ripped out… and that I was drowning. They relentlessly attacked until I blacked out.

I later found myself in a grey space with a few others, similar to the “darkness” that was spoken about a month ago. However, there was no blood and it wasn’t completely dark; I could still see to a certain degree. In addition, I was able to touch the items here, including film projectors with yellow notes attached to them. Each projector displayed an image of a boat. When all the projectors were turned on, a boat formed and we got on.

Unfortunately, the sharks from earlier were also in this space, but there were guns and other items in this boat to defeat them. The weapons were highly effective and were able to kill the sharks, though the boat started to collapse once they were dead. We all fell into the water and it felt like I was drowning again, but I soon found myself back in my apartment at Discedo.

If there’s specific information you have about these events, inform me and I’ll update this report.

Report time: April 23rd. Subject of report: Alternative Discedo

On April 4th, I suddenly lost consciousness and started falling through a bottomless pit before finding myself in an unusual area populated by floating crystals that lit up the vicinity. It was somewhat similar to the empty areas several people dealt with before, but most likely these incidents aren’t related. There are enough differences between this area and the other empty space to write them as separate occurrences, especially since the cause of this recent situation was revealed.

These floating crystals revealed Discedo’s past, from the Hollisland invasion to incidents that I’ve never seen before. In addition to these floating crystals, several people from Discedo were also here. I cannot name all of them, but interaction with them was possible. After an unspecified amount of time, Rika lined up the crystals, but when she touched another crystal floating nearby, the entire area was filled with a white light.

The very next moment, I found myself in a large city, filled with people, vehicles, and buildings. This city was Discedo… just another version of the one we’re familiar with. Though there were some similarities, such as having a communication device and familiar building names such as Horton and Marshall, the amount of differences were much larger. In addition of being a large and flourishing city, this alternative Discedo was extremely tight on security, each street had a camera and the police were everywhere.

After reading through a few books and speaking with other individuals, I can safely conclude that alternative Discedo was extremely nationalistic, always writing themselves as being correct in their actions. The newspapers reported about turning Dissmulo into a “haven” for nonhumans, though the pictures revealed the area to be very sparse with concrete buildings. There were stories about Accido and its falling radiation, showing that it was completely ruined with only a few buildings left standing.

The papers also mentioned a prototype machine that can look into other universes and dimensions… it seems to be similar to the machine that brought us here.

All the people from the original Discedo were treated as if we have lived there the entire time. Most of us were either a student or working in a job, even if the job wasn’t suitable for our abilities. Several individuals also had families, though none of them were actually related to us. However, all non-humans were kept in a medical ward in the hospital, where they were tested and experimented on.

On April 8th, the news reported the execution of several Hollislanders… one of them was Thomas Knowlton. As expected, death applies to this Discedo still.

A few days later, Rika posted that she and Hanyuu were responsible for bringing everyone to that alternative Discedo. Her chip was recently removed, causing this imbalance of powers. Hers and Hanyuu’s abilities were the only ones that seem to be working as well; my own skills were not functioning despite having my chip removed. After Hanyuu and the other non-humans were set free from the hospital, Rika revealed that the only possible way for us to return was if everyone died… more specifically, everyone that came from the original Discedo. It was eventually revealed that only through everyone's death we can return to the original Discedo, since almost everyone's powers were not functioning properly.

With the hospital breakout, alternative Discedo started to become dangerous, with soldiers roaming the streets and breaking into homes. …People… also started to commit suicide and murder others as well. …I won’t go into detail about these deaths, just be aware that everyone must have died since we’re now back here. Of course, this is assuming that Rika was speaking the truth.

Since arriving back, I’ve learned that our normal bodies were lying in a comatose state with no damage being carried over from the other Discedo. It also seems that not everyone remembers their death, though I’m still uncertain of the actual cause of variation for this.