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[While pushing aside his communicator to make room on the table for the items he obtained, Kresnik unknowingly turns the device on. The commander doesn't really seem to be paying much attention to the life jacket and other survival gear. Instead, he's reading a letter, though no one watching this video can read its contents. While reading through the letter, he becomes almost sad before placing it on the table.

He soon picks up the locket that Kirika left him, opening it and allowing the first half of this song to play.]'s her melody. [First Miyu, now Kirika... his expression finally crumples as the song continues to play] ...She really is gone.
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I completed my report on the alternative Discedo. It's located here.

...There's still one issue I need to address. When I woke up here from the other Discedo, a few other individuals and myself were on the floor of the hydroelectric plant, with bandages and cotton pads on us. ...Does anyone have any information regarding this situation, such as how we arrived there?

And did anyone else wake up with a bandage on that wasn't in the hydroelectric plant?

[There's a small pause as he thinks about the next matter to talk about]

Watch, Bang Shishigami has joined the organization. His frequency is [ profile] almosttoomanly if you need to contact him.

[Locked to Kirika | 20%]

Kirika... I need to speak with you.

[After closing his communicator, he goes around to look for Miyu in their apartment]
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Cut for Kresnik's Fishing Show )

[Later on that evening, Kresnik posts a text message on the network] Don't watch television. If you are, only focus on the topics that are relevant to our duration here.
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[The feed shows Kresnik sitting outside with a small pile of burnt clothes near him. Yep, someone did not like the outfit he got from the scientists. The fire is already out, but there are still some traces of smoke coming out from it.]

[He speaks in a neutral tone, but looks a bit solemn.] Marivel Armitage has returned to Filgaia, establishing me as the only person here from that planet again. ...She made a promise to someone there and now has the opportunity to fulfill it.

[Quiet for a few seconds and attempts to look like Commander Lineface again. He's successful for the most part]

After speaking with Japan, I've decided to volunteer as the leader of the Watch if no one else will. If that's fine, I want a meeting to be held with the remaining members.

[...] I have also completed my report on the recent fish incident and its been added to my other post. Like all reports, I'll edit it if anyone has any additional information.

[After staring at the smoking pile of clothes for a few more seconds, he turns off the feed]
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Get away!

[During his struggle with the sharks, Kresnik knocks the communicator off the table and its video feed turns on. Unlike his normal self, the commander looks rather panicked and desperate, fending off an invisible foe with his ARM. He suddenly starts swinging his gun around before firing a shot at the sharks, only for it to miss and destroy part of the wall in his apartment.]

Argh! I can't concentrate-- [His motions become more frantic as the sharks continue eating away his mind. After a few more moments of struggling, his ARM suddenly dissipates back into thin air as he falls onto the floor, not moving any further besides his breathing.]

[ooc: Kresnik is now out of commission. Any responses will be answered by his moe roommate, [ profile] moegraphics]
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After speaking with Denmark, a valid question was brought up.

As an inquiry, how many members of the Watch remain? I'm aware that your leader from before has disappeared... and a few individuals have reportedly been sent back too.

...So most importantly, is the overall organization still functioning well?
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[A certain commander has spent his Valentine's Day writing reports. Yep.]

...I've recently completed two reports, one on the "darkness" incident and the other on the situation with the cutting lines. If anyone is interested in these writings, I'll send them to you. They're not entirely complete, so any additional information will make them more substantial.

[He repeats his message in text before ending his post.]
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Now that it's been a few days since those who disappeared have returned, it would be cruical to describe the details surrounding the incident.

First, has everyone who disappeared completely returned? According to the list created by Rico, the following were kidnapped: Eald, Flandre, Raphael, Marta, Megumi, Kirika, Ezio, Sweden, and Cecil. In addition, if you were taken and are not on this list, it would be informative to respond to this message saying that you did. Perhaps a connection between the kidnapped individuals will be established, if there is one.

Second, if the kidnapped individuals are able to, describe the surroundings of the place that you were brought to. Thus far, the only features that I have are: dark and bloody. Any additional information will be appreciated.
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[The feed shows Kresnik leaning against a wall with his left hand holding his mangled right arm to his body. He tries to push back any pain from reaching his expression or voice, but it's still probably visible to most]

...I never encountered a monster with those qualities before...

[He closes his eyes and slowly starts to heal himself, but it will take some time for his arm to be fully restored again]

A word of warning, bullets have minimal effect on it.

[He's silent for a moment]

I... I was careless in my attacks. ...It's unacceptable behavior as a commander of Brionac.
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[Kresnik didn't quite recognize the room he was in when he finally woke up today. However, that problem will be addressed later... there is something else that he needs to talk about first. After all, the last thing he remembered was being knocked out during the Resistance Impulse.

Sitting on a chair, the soldier turns on the video feed on his communicator and talks directly to it with a serious, but almost quiet tone]

...Yesterday, you might have noticed large electric spheres flying around Discedo. Those attacks were the result of my weapon and my own careless behavior.

[He pauses for a moment]

If anyone was injured or a building was damaged during yesterday's attack... please inform me now. I will accept the consequences of my actions.

[He also sends out a text that basically says the same thing before setting down his communicator on the table]
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[Kresnik is sitting in his apartment with a sober expression]

...One year has passed since my initial arrival at Discedo. Although many people have disappeared, I still remain here.


Who else has been at this location for over a year?

[He looks off to the side before focusing back on the communicator]

Has anyone seen my dagger? I recently lost it during the invasion of the Hollisland soldiers... if you find it, I'll appreciate it if you reported back to me.
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It appears that the population has greatly expanded again.

Remain calm... the last thing Discedo needs is people panicking.
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[Kresnik rushes inside a building before leaning against a wall, trying to recover and control his breathing. Is war truly similar to this current situation...? He's never been in a type of battlefield like this, despite being a commander.

...Just focus, there's no time to dwell about that.

While attempting to stay alert, he turns to his communicator]

W-what's the current status of everyone here? Report any causalities or major injuries up to this present time.
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[The feed shows Kresnik standing outside with a watery illusion of a certain individual. If one looked closely enough, they may notice that the commander and this other man have the same matching symbol on their uniform jackets. However, the most noticeable feature in the video is the rare look of anger and hatred on Kresnik's face]

You were executed by Captain Lambda long ago... I thought I would never see your cowardly face again.

[The other man only smiled menacingly as he pushed his glasses up, causing Kresnik to clench his fists tightly by his sides]

Filgaia's future never mattered to you... The only thing you cared about was stalking others for your own entertainment.

[The man's expression didn't change despite these accusations. Probably not looking the most rational person right now, Kresnik punches the illusion in the face, shattering the water into tiny droplets. The soldier remains there, tense and breathless from the encounter]
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...Despite the new features and the physical change of these communicators, a specific component is still functioning well.


There's not much to state that's already been reported by others... It appears that quite a few individuals have disappeared from Discedo after all the chaos died down. It's not an extremely common occurrence, but not unheard of either.

[Another pause, but this time, it seems longer. He sounds hesitant at first, but becomes more determined as he continues his sentence]

...Are there any doctors willing to remove my chip?
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It's probably not needed for me to report on the new features of these communicators. Overall, this device seems to be an improvement over the last one.


It has come to my attention that a military plane has recently flown over Discedo. The aircraft flew by relatively fast, but the color was white-gray from what I briefly observed. I'm still uncertain about the model, but it definitely wasn't a gyro and appeared to be more of a fighter plane, such as the Le Bourget 3330s from my world.

Was anyone able to gather any specific details on it? ...Or have an idea to what the model exactly is?
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I apologize for any misconduct my younger self caused during the past week. Being young doesn't excuse myself from acting immature.

If you encountered him, it would be best if you forgot that meeting ever occurred. His behavior is not an accurate reflection of my current one.

[He's going to use some of that aspirin now...]
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[The feed shows a young teenager standing there with a scowl on his face. His arms are crossed and covering part of the blue name tag that is on his clothes]

Hey scientists, I know you're listening to this!

[He tries glaring at the screen, but it's not really threatening]

I don't know where you put me at, but you better not harm Yulie while I'm here! She's my precious little sister, so I'll refuse to take that bitter medicine if you make her cry!

[With one final glare, Kresnik moves to turn off the communicator]

[ooc: This is Kresnik from the White Orphanage. He's a lot more open with his emotions than his older self and is very concerned about his baby sister. Also, he's not really talking to the Discedo scientists, but is referring to the ones in the orphanage.]
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It appears that many people have disappeared in the last few weeks. [...And Kirika was one of them. Hopefully, she's back in her world and with all of her memories... He resumes speaking.] Though the amount of deaths have slowed down from before, it's for the best that they're gone. Less people will hopefully mean less causalities in the future.

With the chips being slowly removed, it's somewhat impressive that no massive damage has occurred to Discedo yet. However, that doesn't mean we can let up our guard... We must remain focused.

[There's a long pause and it seems like he's about to turn off his communicator when the commander speaks again]

With the disappearance of several individuals and the chips being taken out, a thought has recently occurred to me. What happens to those people who return home, but the chip is still in their body?


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