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Supplies may be limited during winter, so prepare accordingly.

...If anyone is interested in restarting the Discedo soup kitchen again, contact me.

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[After he's done on the communicator, Kresnik picks up the lion plush and goes to look for Yulie in their house.]
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[He's outside, sitting in front of the home that he shares with Yulie.] Japan, Heiji, and Gadget of the Watch have been sent home. [...] Their communicator frequencies are gone.

[Even though he sounds calm, he's actually a little upset. Japan was one of the few people that he actually trusted here... and Heiji was a good detective and has been in the Watch for a while. He was going to discuss a few things with them, but now that's not going to happen.]

This places us at seven members. Until more people join, all normal patrol hours will be extended.


...Hm, it's been almost two years now. The overall atmosphere of Fortuna has changed since my initial arrival. [He's mostly just referring to the fact that there are now three habitable cities to live in now]
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It appears that all of the monsters that showed up a week ago are gone now. Though the bodies are gone, the writing in Spero still remains... it doesn't seem that anything can be done about that.

...In case you haven't been informed, the subway between Spero and Discedo takes approximately seven hours. It's a long trip, so plan accordingly.


Watch, we've lost two members, Mia and Sweden. This puts us at eight members, a small number especially with three cities to focus on now. For those of you that aren't aware, the Watch is a voluntary organization dedicated to protecting and patrolling the various cities in Fortuna... and we're always recruiting new members.

In addition, with the disappearance of Sweden, there's currently no one working the Soup Kitchen in Dissimulo. If you want to work there, inform me immediately.

[There's another lengthy pause.]

...Yulie wants to start a church service on Sunday mornings and possibly Wednesday as well. If you're interested, you may attend or speak with her..... as she's happy to see any of you. [KRESNIK IS FROWNING SO MUCH THOUGH. And you bet your ass that he's going to be there to make sure that no one harms his sister B|.]
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[He's heard about people seeing the corpses of people they know. Fortunately for him, the commander has only seen bodies of strangers so far. Well, until now at least.

On a road in Dissimulo, Kresnik is kneeling down by the body of his captain, his expression solemn as he examines the damage. It seems that he's been crushed by something heavy... and there's gun, sword, and various burn injuries on him. Kresnik is quiet for a while, but he eventually turns his communicator on]

I've searched around Dissimulo, it seems that these corpses are only of people that weren't here before. If you have encountered otherwise, inform me immediately.

[He's silent for a while, staring at the corpse still. Then quietly, almost inaudibly, he speaks again.] ...Is this how it ends.

[And he cuts the feed.]
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In case people aren't aware, there's a functioning subway traveling between Dissimulo and Discedo. Both stations are filled with monsters, so proceed with caution or at least travel with someone that can fend them off. If you're having difficulty getting through the station, contact me and I'll arrange a solution to the problem.


I'm aware that there's a subway in Spero as well, but its tunnels are currently underwater. If they're repaired, it will make travel between Spero and the other locations significantly easier. Although, that's assuming the subway stations connect.
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[He goes straight to the point, no use in stating the obvious] Watch members, assist with evacuating the city. If a group is ready to leave, go along with them in order to watch over their safety.

I'll stay behind until everyone is evacuated.
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I completed my report on the alternative Discedo. It's located here.

...There's still one issue I need to address. When I woke up here from the other Discedo, a few other individuals and myself were on the floor of the hydroelectric plant, with bandages and cotton pads on us. ...Does anyone have any information regarding this situation, such as how we arrived there?

And did anyone else wake up with a bandage on that wasn't in the hydroelectric plant?

[There's a small pause as he thinks about the next matter to talk about]

Watch, Bang Shishigami has joined the organization. His frequency is [ profile] almosttoomanly if you need to contact him.

[Locked to Kirika | 20%]

Kirika... I need to speak with you.

[After closing his communicator, he goes around to look for Miyu in their apartment]
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After speaking with Denmark, a valid question was brought up.

As an inquiry, how many members of the Watch remain? I'm aware that your leader from before has disappeared... and a few individuals have reportedly been sent back too.

...So most importantly, is the overall organization still functioning well?
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[A certain commander has spent his Valentine's Day writing reports. Yep.]

...I've recently completed two reports, one on the "darkness" incident and the other on the situation with the cutting lines. If anyone is interested in these writings, I'll send them to you. They're not entirely complete, so any additional information will make them more substantial.

[He repeats his message in text before ending his post.]
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[Kresnik rushes inside a building before leaning against a wall, trying to recover and control his breathing. Is war truly similar to this current situation...? He's never been in a type of battlefield like this, despite being a commander.

...Just focus, there's no time to dwell about that.

While attempting to stay alert, he turns to his communicator]

W-what's the current status of everyone here? Report any causalities or major injuries up to this present time.
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...Despite the new features and the physical change of these communicators, a specific component is still functioning well.


There's not much to state that's already been reported by others... It appears that quite a few individuals have disappeared from Discedo after all the chaos died down. It's not an extremely common occurrence, but not unheard of either.

[Another pause, but this time, it seems longer. He sounds hesitant at first, but becomes more determined as he continues his sentence]

...Are there any doctors willing to remove my chip?
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It's probably not needed for me to report on the new features of these communicators. Overall, this device seems to be an improvement over the last one.


It has come to my attention that a military plane has recently flown over Discedo. The aircraft flew by relatively fast, but the color was white-gray from what I briefly observed. I'm still uncertain about the model, but it definitely wasn't a gyro and appeared to be more of a fighter plane, such as the Le Bourget 3330s from my world.

Was anyone able to gather any specific details on it? ...Or have an idea to what the model exactly is?
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It appears that many people have disappeared in the last few weeks. [...And Kirika was one of them. Hopefully, she's back in her world and with all of her memories... He resumes speaking.] Though the amount of deaths have slowed down from before, it's for the best that they're gone. Less people will hopefully mean less causalities in the future.

With the chips being slowly removed, it's somewhat impressive that no massive damage has occurred to Discedo yet. However, that doesn't mean we can let up our guard... We must remain focused.

[There's a long pause and it seems like he's about to turn off his communicator when the commander speaks again]

With the disappearance of several individuals and the chips being taken out, a thought has recently occurred to me. What happens to those people who return home, but the chip is still in their body?
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It appears that many people have returned "home" recently. Whether they're actually back or not is unclear... the best case scenario is that they actually have returned to their original worlds.

....Kirika seems to be one of those who have disappeared. ...Hopefully she's safe and continuing on in her world.

[There's a pause before he quietly speaks]

...It's for the best.
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[The communicator turns on and Kresnik's voice is heard, though he sounds riled up for once]

Move out of the way! You're just an obstacle blocking my path... I-I must go and protect my sister!

[a lengthy pause]

...E-even if I am a defective product... I will carry out my beliefs!

[Another pause and when he speaks again, his voice is a bit louder]

I'll ensure a future for her, even if I have to use my own bare hands! I...I just have to carry out my conviction, no matter what the cost!
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[For some reason, the commander sounds less harsh and almost...doubtful today]

....If one had to choose between family and duty, what would be your decision?
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[The commander sounds a bit more stern and serious than normal if that's possible]

...When people disappear from Discedo, we all automatically assume that they were sent back to their original world. Is there strong evidence to prove that this is always the end result? I am well aware that some of those sent home eventually return here, but what about those who have not? They could be trapped somewhere that no one is aware of.

[small pause]

The scientists shouldn't be trusted for their word, especially after knowing their irrational behavior. One can't afford to believe everything that he's told.

...To think otherwise is a childish notion.
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[Kresnik is standing in the middle of his room, holding a rather large gun in his hands. He points it at a wall for a moment before a frown starts to develop on his face. The soldier actually seems somewhat frustrated as he lowers the gun so that the barrel is pointing at the floor]


[His hand grips the handle of his gun tightly]
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The stock of food is returning now. [small pause] I'm rather...impressed by the lack of panicking from all of you.

Though our supplies are being slowly refurnished, we still need to take caution. I'm still uncertain what exactly caused the decline in food, whether it be the scientists' idea of "amusement" or something else happened to them during the shortage. If anyone knows for certain or have any thoughts on this subject matter, I would like to hear them.

[Before the feed cuts off, one can hear his soft mumble] ...never thought I'd be glad in seeing canned beans again...
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The supplies seem to be decreasing the past few days.

Whether or not this is a test from the scientists, we need to conserve and not waste any food or articles of clothing. With the likelihood that the hospital isn't receiving as much medical items, we don't need someone passing out from hunger or getting sick from the decrease in temperature.

[small pause]

...There has also been an alarmingly increase of deaths, but don't become irrational and panic. The last thing Discedo needs is everyone panicking and becoming more unorganized.


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