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...Despite the new features and the physical change of these communicators, a specific component is still functioning well.


There's not much to state that's already been reported by others... It appears that quite a few individuals have disappeared from Discedo after all the chaos died down. It's not an extremely common occurrence, but not unheard of either.

[Another pause, but this time, it seems longer. He sounds hesitant at first, but becomes more determined as he continues his sentence]

...Are there any doctors willing to remove my chip?
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It appears that many people have disappeared in the last few weeks. [...And Kirika was one of them. Hopefully, she's back in her world and with all of her memories... He resumes speaking.] Though the amount of deaths have slowed down from before, it's for the best that they're gone. Less people will hopefully mean less causalities in the future.

With the chips being slowly removed, it's somewhat impressive that no massive damage has occurred to Discedo yet. However, that doesn't mean we can let up our guard... We must remain focused.

[There's a long pause and it seems like he's about to turn off his communicator when the commander speaks again]

With the disappearance of several individuals and the chips being taken out, a thought has recently occurred to me. What happens to those people who return home, but the chip is still in their body?
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[The communicator goes off with a zap and the commander flinches briefly before speaking]

I have forgotten to use this device recently... it seems that my focus on keeping track of it is slipping. I'll correct this mistake by paying closer attention to the days as they pass, I'm not aiming to make the same error and be shocked because of it.


...I heard that there has been a couple of deaths here recently. It's nothing new in Discedo and the deceased will be revived. Though I'm unaware of the full situation, I'm certain that there are people who are focused on figuring out what happened.

With the possible chance of the chip location being found, some people might become restless in getting theirs out. However, being... "jumpy" about the situation won't help, just retain focus.
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[Kresnik is currently sitting against a building with the communicator focusing on his upper half and the wall behind him.]

...It seems that my body has finally adjusted to this world. [Sighs] However, the lack of information in how to escape is frustrating. Supposedly, only the scientists are able to let people leave, but no one seems to know where they're currently at. If anyone has any sort of idea in how to leave this place, I would appreciate it if you contact me. Also, any information in how to remove this 'chip' will be helpful.

[pauses] I should probably find a place to stay at soon... Staying out here in the open is not safe.

[The video shifts and there's a glimpse of a rather large gun by his side before the feed clicks off.]


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