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[Kresnik is sitting on his sister's bed, listening to the music box that was left behind. He already checked the communicator frequencies, which confirmed his suspicions.]

All church services hosted by Yulie will be discontinued now. [He's not going to take over either.] She has returned home.

[Filtered to Watch members]

[This text is sent about an hour later.]

Is everyone aware of [ profile] handsoffdabox's burning of Dissimulo's church?
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Supplies may be limited during winter, so prepare accordingly.

...If anyone is interested in restarting the Discedo soup kitchen again, contact me.

65% filtered to all Watch members )
65% filtered to Squall )
65% filtered to Sora )
65% filtered to Sasha and Anya )

[After he's done on the communicator, Kresnik picks up the lion plush and goes to look for Yulie in their house.]
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[65% Filtered away from Sasha and Yulie.]

[The soldier stares at the camera with the most serious expression and seems very determined ...Well, there's no way around this. He might as well get this over with so he can concentrate on the next step of his task.]

...What type of stuffed animals do girls like? [...] Additionally, does anyone know the procedure in how to create one?

[65% Filtered to Heiji and Japan.]

Heiji, Japan, I want to discuss the Watch with you both.
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[He's heard about people seeing the corpses of people they know. Fortunately for him, the commander has only seen bodies of strangers so far. Well, until now at least.

On a road in Dissimulo, Kresnik is kneeling down by the body of his captain, his expression solemn as he examines the damage. It seems that he's been crushed by something heavy... and there's gun, sword, and various burn injuries on him. Kresnik is quiet for a while, but he eventually turns his communicator on]

I've searched around Dissimulo, it seems that these corpses are only of people that weren't here before. If you have encountered otherwise, inform me immediately.

[He's silent for a while, staring at the corpse still. Then quietly, almost inaudibly, he speaks again.] ...Is this how it ends.

[And he cuts the feed.]
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[Kresnik is outside at Dissimulo, leaning against a building as he looks down at a choker in his hand. His expression is mostly neutral, but anyone that knows him would notice his lack of attention to the area around him, something unusual for the commander. After a few more seconds, he closes his fist and looks at the camera.]

Seifer's communicator frequency is gone. [...] It's not related to the recent doppelganger incident either, all signs point to him being sent home.

...I'm certain that he'll be able to handle whatever trials back at his world.

[Small pause.]

Watch, General Akane has joined. Her frequency is [ profile] rifaien.
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In case people aren't aware, there's a functioning subway traveling between Dissimulo and Discedo. Both stations are filled with monsters, so proceed with caution or at least travel with someone that can fend them off. If you're having difficulty getting through the station, contact me and I'll arrange a solution to the problem.


I'm aware that there's a subway in Spero as well, but its tunnels are currently underwater. If they're repaired, it will make travel between Spero and the other locations significantly easier. Although, that's assuming the subway stations connect.


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