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[Kresnik didn't quite recognize the room he was in when he finally woke up today. However, that problem will be addressed later... there is something else that he needs to talk about first. After all, the last thing he remembered was being knocked out during the Resistance Impulse.

Sitting on a chair, the soldier turns on the video feed on his communicator and talks directly to it with a serious, but almost quiet tone]

...Yesterday, you might have noticed large electric spheres flying around Discedo. Those attacks were the result of my weapon and my own careless behavior.

[He pauses for a moment]

If anyone was injured or a building was damaged during yesterday's attack... please inform me now. I will accept the consequences of my actions.

[He also sends out a text that basically says the same thing before setting down his communicator on the table]
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[Kresnik is currently sitting on the makeshift bed, looking at the communicator that's situated on a nearby table]

...I have found a somewhat sufficient apartment to stay at until I gather enough information and resources to leave. Though the condition of this room isn't the best, it's probably better than staying out in the open, especially since the weather is becoming colder.

I been here for about two weeks and I acquired some helpful information about Discedo. Although I'm nowhere close in finding these scientists, results can't be rushed.


[There's now a small, brown music box in his hands, with this melody playing from it. His eyes are closed as he listens to the song, looking somewhat relaxed as it continues to play.]



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