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It appears that all of the monsters that showed up a week ago are gone now. Though the bodies are gone, the writing in Spero still remains... it doesn't seem that anything can be done about that.

...In case you haven't been informed, the subway between Spero and Discedo takes approximately seven hours. It's a long trip, so plan accordingly.


Watch, we've lost two members, Mia and Sweden. This puts us at eight members, a small number especially with three cities to focus on now. For those of you that aren't aware, the Watch is a voluntary organization dedicated to protecting and patrolling the various cities in Fortuna... and we're always recruiting new members.

In addition, with the disappearance of Sweden, there's currently no one working the Soup Kitchen in Dissimulo. If you want to work there, inform me immediately.

[There's another lengthy pause.]

...Yulie wants to start a church service on Sunday mornings and possibly Wednesday as well. If you're interested, you may attend or speak with her..... as she's happy to see any of you. [KRESNIK IS FROWNING SO MUCH THOUGH. And you bet your ass that he's going to be there to make sure that no one harms his sister B|.]
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[Kresnik is outside at Dissimulo, leaning against a building as he looks down at a choker in his hand. His expression is mostly neutral, but anyone that knows him would notice his lack of attention to the area around him, something unusual for the commander. After a few more seconds, he closes his fist and looks at the camera.]

Seifer's communicator frequency is gone. [...] It's not related to the recent doppelganger incident either, all signs point to him being sent home.

...I'm certain that he'll be able to handle whatever trials back at his world.

[Small pause.]

Watch, General Akane has joined. Her frequency is [ profile] rifaien.
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I completed my report on the alternative Discedo. It's located here.

...There's still one issue I need to address. When I woke up here from the other Discedo, a few other individuals and myself were on the floor of the hydroelectric plant, with bandages and cotton pads on us. ...Does anyone have any information regarding this situation, such as how we arrived there?

And did anyone else wake up with a bandage on that wasn't in the hydroelectric plant?

[There's a small pause as he thinks about the next matter to talk about]

Watch, Bang Shishigami has joined the organization. His frequency is [ profile] almosttoomanly if you need to contact him.

[Locked to Kirika | 20%]

Kirika... I need to speak with you.

[After closing his communicator, he goes around to look for Miyu in their apartment]
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Now that it's been a few days since those who disappeared have returned, it would be cruical to describe the details surrounding the incident.

First, has everyone who disappeared completely returned? According to the list created by Rico, the following were kidnapped: Eald, Flandre, Raphael, Marta, Megumi, Kirika, Ezio, Sweden, and Cecil. In addition, if you were taken and are not on this list, it would be informative to respond to this message saying that you did. Perhaps a connection between the kidnapped individuals will be established, if there is one.

Second, if the kidnapped individuals are able to, describe the surroundings of the place that you were brought to. Thus far, the only features that I have are: dark and bloody. Any additional information will be appreciated.


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