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After speaking with Denmark, a valid question was brought up.

As an inquiry, how many members of the Watch remain? I'm aware that your leader from before has disappeared... and a few individuals have reportedly been sent back too.

...So most importantly, is the overall organization still functioning well?
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[Kresnik is sitting in his apartment with a sober expression]

...One year has passed since my initial arrival at Discedo. Although many people have disappeared, I still remain here.


Who else has been at this location for over a year?

[He looks off to the side before focusing back on the communicator]

Has anyone seen my dagger? I recently lost it during the invasion of the Hollisland soldiers... if you find it, I'll appreciate it if you reported back to me.
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It appears that many people have disappeared in the last few weeks. [...And Kirika was one of them. Hopefully, she's back in her world and with all of her memories... He resumes speaking.] Though the amount of deaths have slowed down from before, it's for the best that they're gone. Less people will hopefully mean less causalities in the future.

With the chips being slowly removed, it's somewhat impressive that no massive damage has occurred to Discedo yet. However, that doesn't mean we can let up our guard... We must remain focused.

[There's a long pause and it seems like he's about to turn off his communicator when the commander speaks again]

With the disappearance of several individuals and the chips being taken out, a thought has recently occurred to me. What happens to those people who return home, but the chip is still in their body?


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