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Kresnik here will start writing reports on various events in Discedo. Not all of them will be completely accurate since everything is from his own observations and interrogations, but he's doing this to be commander like. Or something. Yeah.

These all are written in his voice. So if something sounds un-Kresnik like, please inform me. All reports are accessible by the people of Discedo.

Reports here )
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I completed my report on the alternative Discedo. It's located here.

...There's still one issue I need to address. When I woke up here from the other Discedo, a few other individuals and myself were on the floor of the hydroelectric plant, with bandages and cotton pads on us. ...Does anyone have any information regarding this situation, such as how we arrived there?

And did anyone else wake up with a bandage on that wasn't in the hydroelectric plant?

[There's a small pause as he thinks about the next matter to talk about]

Watch, Bang Shishigami has joined the organization. His frequency is [ profile] almosttoomanly if you need to contact him.

[Locked to Kirika | 20%]

Kirika... I need to speak with you.

[After closing his communicator, he goes around to look for Miyu in their apartment]
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[The feed shows Kresnik sitting outside with a small pile of burnt clothes near him. Yep, someone did not like the outfit he got from the scientists. The fire is already out, but there are still some traces of smoke coming out from it.]

[He speaks in a neutral tone, but looks a bit solemn.] Marivel Armitage has returned to Filgaia, establishing me as the only person here from that planet again. ...She made a promise to someone there and now has the opportunity to fulfill it.

[Quiet for a few seconds and attempts to look like Commander Lineface again. He's successful for the most part]

After speaking with Japan, I've decided to volunteer as the leader of the Watch if no one else will. If that's fine, I want a meeting to be held with the remaining members.

[...] I have also completed my report on the recent fish incident and its been added to my other post. Like all reports, I'll edit it if anyone has any additional information.

[After staring at the smoking pile of clothes for a few more seconds, he turns off the feed]


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