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[65% Filtered away from Sasha and Yulie.]

[The soldier stares at the camera with the most serious expression and seems very determined ...Well, there's no way around this. He might as well get this over with so he can concentrate on the next step of his task.]

...What type of stuffed animals do girls like? [...] Additionally, does anyone know the procedure in how to create one?

[65% Filtered to Heiji and Japan.]

Heiji, Japan, I want to discuss the Watch with you both.
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It appears that all of the monsters that showed up a week ago are gone now. Though the bodies are gone, the writing in Spero still remains... it doesn't seem that anything can be done about that.

...In case you haven't been informed, the subway between Spero and Discedo takes approximately seven hours. It's a long trip, so plan accordingly.


Watch, we've lost two members, Mia and Sweden. This puts us at eight members, a small number especially with three cities to focus on now. For those of you that aren't aware, the Watch is a voluntary organization dedicated to protecting and patrolling the various cities in Fortuna... and we're always recruiting new members.

In addition, with the disappearance of Sweden, there's currently no one working the Soup Kitchen in Dissimulo. If you want to work there, inform me immediately.

[There's another lengthy pause.]

...Yulie wants to start a church service on Sunday mornings and possibly Wednesday as well. If you're interested, you may attend or speak with her..... as she's happy to see any of you. [KRESNIK IS FROWNING SO MUCH THOUGH. And you bet your ass that he's going to be there to make sure that no one harms his sister B|.]
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In case people aren't aware, there's a functioning subway traveling between Dissimulo and Discedo. Both stations are filled with monsters, so proceed with caution or at least travel with someone that can fend them off. If you're having difficulty getting through the station, contact me and I'll arrange a solution to the problem.


I'm aware that there's a subway in Spero as well, but its tunnels are currently underwater. If they're repaired, it will make travel between Spero and the other locations significantly easier. Although, that's assuming the subway stations connect.
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For individuals that are interested in joining the Watch, fill out this form and I'll look into it as soon as possible.

That is all.
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After speaking with Denmark, a valid question was brought up.

As an inquiry, how many members of the Watch remain? I'm aware that your leader from before has disappeared... and a few individuals have reportedly been sent back too.

...So most importantly, is the overall organization still functioning well?
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[Kresnik rushes inside a building before leaning against a wall, trying to recover and control his breathing. Is war truly similar to this current situation...? He's never been in a type of battlefield like this, despite being a commander.

...Just focus, there's no time to dwell about that.

While attempting to stay alert, he turns to his communicator]

W-what's the current status of everyone here? Report any causalities or major injuries up to this present time.
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[The communicator goes off with a zap and the commander flinches briefly before speaking]

I have forgotten to use this device recently... it seems that my focus on keeping track of it is slipping. I'll correct this mistake by paying closer attention to the days as they pass, I'm not aiming to make the same error and be shocked because of it.


...I heard that there has been a couple of deaths here recently. It's nothing new in Discedo and the deceased will be revived. Though I'm unaware of the full situation, I'm certain that there are people who are focused on figuring out what happened.

With the possible chance of the chip location being found, some people might become restless in getting theirs out. However, being... "jumpy" about the situation won't help, just retain focus.
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As all of you are aware, the population of Discedo has increased rapidly the past day. This is an unusual circumstance that we should take seriously....with a large and sudden increase of the people here, we are now required to ration the supplies more and most likely end up sharing rooms with another person. However, we must all remain calm despite the influx of arrivals, nothing is gained by irrational behavior.

...It's possible that there has been a malfunction in the scientists' device to cause something like this. Any further information about the current situation will be appreciated.


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