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[Kresnik is sitting on his sister's bed, listening to the music box that was left behind. He already checked the communicator frequencies, which confirmed his suspicions.]

All church services hosted by Yulie will be discontinued now. [He's not going to take over either.] She has returned home.

[Filtered to Watch members]

[This text is sent about an hour later.]

Is everyone aware of [ profile] handsoffdabox's burning of Dissimulo's church?
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For individuals that are interested in joining the Watch, fill out this form and I'll look into it as soon as possible.

That is all.
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[A certain commander has spent his Valentine's Day writing reports. Yep.]

...I've recently completed two reports, one on the "darkness" incident and the other on the situation with the cutting lines. If anyone is interested in these writings, I'll send them to you. They're not entirely complete, so any additional information will make them more substantial.

[He repeats his message in text before ending his post.]
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Now that it's been a few days since those who disappeared have returned, it would be cruical to describe the details surrounding the incident.

First, has everyone who disappeared completely returned? According to the list created by Rico, the following were kidnapped: Eald, Flandre, Raphael, Marta, Megumi, Kirika, Ezio, Sweden, and Cecil. In addition, if you were taken and are not on this list, it would be informative to respond to this message saying that you did. Perhaps a connection between the kidnapped individuals will be established, if there is one.

Second, if the kidnapped individuals are able to, describe the surroundings of the place that you were brought to. Thus far, the only features that I have are: dark and bloody. Any additional information will be appreciated.
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I apologize for any misconduct my younger self caused during the past week. Being young doesn't excuse myself from acting immature.

If you encountered him, it would be best if you forgot that meeting ever occurred. His behavior is not an accurate reflection of my current one.

[He's going to use some of that aspirin now...]


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