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[Kresnik is sitting on his sister's bed, listening to the music box that was left behind. He already checked the communicator frequencies, which confirmed his suspicions.]

All church services hosted by Yulie will be discontinued now. [He's not going to take over either.] She has returned home.

[Filtered to Watch members]

[This text is sent about an hour later.]

Is everyone aware of [ profile] handsoffdabox's burning of Dissimulo's church?
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[The feed shows a young teenager standing there with a scowl on his face. His arms are crossed and covering part of the blue name tag that is on his clothes]

Hey scientists, I know you're listening to this!

[He tries glaring at the screen, but it's not really threatening]

I don't know where you put me at, but you better not harm Yulie while I'm here! She's my precious little sister, so I'll refuse to take that bitter medicine if you make her cry!

[With one final glare, Kresnik moves to turn off the communicator]

[ooc: This is Kresnik from the White Orphanage. He's a lot more open with his emotions than his older self and is very concerned about his baby sister. Also, he's not really talking to the Discedo scientists, but is referring to the ones in the orphanage.]
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[The communicator turns on and Kresnik's voice is heard, though he sounds riled up for once]

Move out of the way! You're just an obstacle blocking my path... I-I must go and protect my sister!

[a lengthy pause]

...E-even if I am a defective product... I will carry out my beliefs!

[Another pause and when he speaks again, his voice is a bit louder]

I'll ensure a future for her, even if I have to use my own bare hands! I...I just have to carry out my conviction, no matter what the cost!
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[Kresnik is currently sitting on the makeshift bed, looking at the communicator that's situated on a nearby table]

...I have found a somewhat sufficient apartment to stay at until I gather enough information and resources to leave. Though the condition of this room isn't the best, it's probably better than staying out in the open, especially since the weather is becoming colder.

I been here for about two weeks and I acquired some helpful information about Discedo. Although I'm nowhere close in finding these scientists, results can't be rushed.


[There's now a small, brown music box in his hands, with this melody playing from it. His eyes are closed as he listens to the song, looking somewhat relaxed as it continues to play.]



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