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I can be contacted through my AIM: currykirby
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Kresnik here will start writing reports on various events in Discedo. Not all of them will be completely accurate since everything is from his own observations and interrogations, but he's doing this to be commander like. Or something. Yeah.

These all are written in his voice. So if something sounds un-Kresnik like, please inform me. All reports are accessible by the people of Discedo.

Reports here )
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If you're interested in joining the Watch, fill out the below form and I'll review it. Based on your answers, I'll determine whether or not I can accept you.

Even if I approve your application, I still require one actual meeting with you.

[ooc: Feel free to comment with the answered questions. All actual encounters with Kresnik can be handwaved if you like]
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[Kresnik is sitting on his sister's bed, listening to the music box that was left behind. He already checked the communicator frequencies, which confirmed his suspicions.]

All church services hosted by Yulie will be discontinued now. [He's not going to take over either.] She has returned home.

[Filtered to Watch members]

[This text is sent about an hour later.]

Is everyone aware of [ profile] handsoffdabox's burning of Dissimulo's church?
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Supplies may be limited during winter, so prepare accordingly.

...If anyone is interested in restarting the Discedo soup kitchen again, contact me.

65% filtered to all Watch members )
65% filtered to Squall )
65% filtered to Sora )
65% filtered to Sasha and Anya )

[After he's done on the communicator, Kresnik picks up the lion plush and goes to look for Yulie in their house.]
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[Have a Kresnik staring at the video with a serious expression. Nothing new here... although you might be able to see Squall and dragon!Takato in the background.]

The pills still work even after the person is fully transformed. [...] Their bodies remain like this, but their minds return to normal. [Unlike the Wild ARMs in his world. He isn't sure how to make their bodies return to normal... but giving them their mental facilities back is a step.]

Watch... or anyone at all, find the spare pills and report to me which people have been transformed. The pills are most likely in their apartments still.

As of now, most of the monsters are in Discedo. [It should go without saying, but...] If you haven't taken the pills yet, take them.
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[65% Filtered away from Sasha and Yulie.]

[The soldier stares at the camera with the most serious expression and seems very determined ...Well, there's no way around this. He might as well get this over with so he can concentrate on the next step of his task.]

...What type of stuffed animals do girls like? [...] Additionally, does anyone know the procedure in how to create one?

[65% Filtered to Heiji and Japan.]

Heiji, Japan, I want to discuss the Watch with you both.
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The population has greatly increased again.

[...] At least there are three cities to hold everyone this time. [Although, Spero will need more patrol hours now.]
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[He's outside, sitting in front of the home that he shares with Yulie.] Japan, Heiji, and Gadget of the Watch have been sent home. [...] Their communicator frequencies are gone.

[Even though he sounds calm, he's actually a little upset. Japan was one of the few people that he actually trusted here... and Heiji was a good detective and has been in the Watch for a while. He was going to discuss a few things with them, but now that's not going to happen.]

This places us at seven members. Until more people join, all normal patrol hours will be extended.


...Hm, it's been almost two years now. The overall atmosphere of Fortuna has changed since my initial arrival. [He's mostly just referring to the fact that there are now three habitable cities to live in now]
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[The video shows a dead Feral lying on a table before the feed shifts to Kresnik, who is looking a little crazy today, especially with his hair in disarray. He's wearing a traditional white lab coat with a white collar shirt, black tie, and brown slacks.]

The other scientists have powerful technology under their hands... but they waste it with nonsensical things. I don't have the time or interest to figure out why they switched everyone's clothes. [He walks away from the feed and people might recognize that he's in Dissimulo's Drug Store right now. There's a few seconds of shuffling noises before the head of another Feral is tossed to the table.]

For one, they don't bother to look into the full potential and uses of each monster... or the possibility of combining one with the other. Just a little more experimentation and my theory will come through... they'll be upgraded from their normal weak form.

...Or another thought, experimenting on the people here so that their potential can be released. The other scientists don't do anything to improve their capabilities.

[He looks directly at the communicator and for a brief moment, he looks like he's trying to resist something. However, that disappears as he spreads his arms, which have the Feral's blood on them, and a weird smile appears on his face.]


[He immediately returns to his neutral expression and turns off the feed.]

[ooc: Feel free to barge in to the drug store.]
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It appears that all of the monsters that showed up a week ago are gone now. Though the bodies are gone, the writing in Spero still remains... it doesn't seem that anything can be done about that.

...In case you haven't been informed, the subway between Spero and Discedo takes approximately seven hours. It's a long trip, so plan accordingly.


Watch, we've lost two members, Mia and Sweden. This puts us at eight members, a small number especially with three cities to focus on now. For those of you that aren't aware, the Watch is a voluntary organization dedicated to protecting and patrolling the various cities in Fortuna... and we're always recruiting new members.

In addition, with the disappearance of Sweden, there's currently no one working the Soup Kitchen in Dissimulo. If you want to work there, inform me immediately.

[There's another lengthy pause.]

...Yulie wants to start a church service on Sunday mornings and possibly Wednesday as well. If you're interested, you may attend or speak with her..... as she's happy to see any of you. [KRESNIK IS FROWNING SO MUCH THOUGH. And you bet your ass that he's going to be there to make sure that no one harms his sister B|.]
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[He's heard about people seeing the corpses of people they know. Fortunately for him, the commander has only seen bodies of strangers so far. Well, until now at least.

On a road in Dissimulo, Kresnik is kneeling down by the body of his captain, his expression solemn as he examines the damage. It seems that he's been crushed by something heavy... and there's gun, sword, and various burn injuries on him. Kresnik is quiet for a while, but he eventually turns his communicator on]

I've searched around Dissimulo, it seems that these corpses are only of people that weren't here before. If you have encountered otherwise, inform me immediately.

[He's silent for a while, staring at the corpse still. Then quietly, almost inaudibly, he speaks again.] ...Is this how it ends.

[And he cuts the feed.]
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[Kresnik is outside at Dissimulo, leaning against a building as he looks down at a choker in his hand. His expression is mostly neutral, but anyone that knows him would notice his lack of attention to the area around him, something unusual for the commander. After a few more seconds, he closes his fist and looks at the camera.]

Seifer's communicator frequency is gone. [...] It's not related to the recent doppelganger incident either, all signs point to him being sent home.

...I'm certain that he'll be able to handle whatever trials back at his world.

[Small pause.]

Watch, General Akane has joined. Her frequency is [ profile] rifaien.
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[Filtered to all Watch members, excluding Seifer. 50% Lock]

Watch, report in. I'm certain that you've heard by now that individuals are behaving abnormally. [Although, Seifer is the only member of the Watch that he knows that is acting oddly. He still doesn't know if the other members are the same, but hopefully he can find out through this.]

I'm currently compiling a list that includes all affected people. All input is necessary.

[Filtered to anyone that has CR with him or at least spoken to him a few times. 50% Lock]

How's your current status?
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In case people aren't aware, there's a functioning subway traveling between Dissimulo and Discedo. Both stations are filled with monsters, so proceed with caution or at least travel with someone that can fend them off. If you're having difficulty getting through the station, contact me and I'll arrange a solution to the problem.


I'm aware that there's a subway in Spero as well, but its tunnels are currently underwater. If they're repaired, it will make travel between Spero and the other locations significantly easier. Although, that's assuming the subway stations connect.
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[Shortly after this, the video feed shows Kresnik waiting by a motorcycle that he borrowed from Shiki. The subway still isn't completely fixed, so they're working with Plan B and taking the land route via motorbike. He's waiting for Japan to bring the backpack with first-aid and other supplies before taking off to Discedo again.]

I'm heading to Discedo with Japan, we're going to rescue the remaining people there. If you're in Discedo and want to return with us to Dissimulo, start gathering your belongings and any necessary supplies.


Watch members in all areas, keep me updated on your group's status. I'll answer when possible.
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[Kresnik wanted some time by himself, so he's behind the travel group and investigating his surroundings. He much preferred to be by himself and away from any unnecessary conversations with others.]


[He looks at one of the broken cars at the road and starts writing information down on a piece of paper.]
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[He goes straight to the point, no use in stating the obvious] Watch members, assist with evacuating the city. If a group is ready to leave, go along with them in order to watch over their safety.

I'll stay behind until everyone is evacuated.
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For individuals that are interested in joining the Watch, fill out this form and I'll look into it as soon as possible.

That is all.


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